Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm on Vacation at Home. Here is a new Deerhunter demo.

Here are some pictures from my downtime here in Atlanta. Some of the pictures are of Kristin's house. She's tour managing King Khan & his Shrines right now so I digitized her house so she could look at it. If you have a chance go check out the Shrines. The show here on 4th of July was rad. Some of the other photos are of the old Notown building. Another thing I've been doing while taking a break from the blog has been setting up the new Notown II in an old building downtown. We are practicing and writing new songs there. Here is a demo I made for a new Deerhunter song. This version is just me but it will be a Deerhunter song as soon as I see them tomorrow night at practice. Lockett is in Mexico. I bought the loudest amp possible. It's an old Univox head.

Deerhunter - Game of Diamonds (Atlas Sound Demo)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Live on Channel M - Manchester

I realize it is Howard Devoto not Devito. I was "high". Long live Magazine.