Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Microremix Set One


why do we call these things Micromixes? or Microremixes? Our next album is going to be called "Microcastle" and we are experimenting with the concept of transposing all these things in this micro format. Imagine a castle with tons of rotted-out little rooms, each containing their own acoustics, etc. I refuse to record the next album in a building that does not at least look like a castle or a haunted mansion. I want to be surrounded by dust and cobwebs. I want the snares to sound haunted. I want the electronics and tubes to glow and hiss in near darkness. Yeah. I wish we could record it on Halloween but we will be in Paris and we all know the buildings there are all brand new and look like the mixed use condos they are throwing up on my city's streets. There is nothing old in the world except my spine.


This is the first in a series of remixtapes I plan on doing. I will still make micromixes as usual, but occasionally i like to fuck the songs up beyond recognition to make something new. This is a pretty simple process involving Ableton Live. I have sort of deconstructed the tracks or taken elements from them and built songs around them.

1. INTRO - Sonic Youth (from Bad Moon Rising)
2. J'TAIME - Serge Gainsbourg (Renamed here: "Selling Guns in Africa")
3. STRANGE LOVE - Darlene Love
4. I USED TO SAY I LOVE YOU - Robyn Hitchcock

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD SITE (MEGAUPLOAD) in case mediafire link gives you problems.

I like to give these to you guys in one long set because I like to blend and overlap them a certain way but its not hard in any free downloadable audio software to slice it up into individual songs. I hope you dig this. Its how I spent my one day off before we leave for tour again tomorrow night.

Also, it goes without saying, but I love Lockett's first micromix.


P.S. Regarding Jeff Weiss, we have had some further communication and have agreed that we both misunderstood each other from the beginning. All this drama was pointless, which is why I tried to not respond to all the nasty shit going on in the comments section. Do you really think I'm going to believe Lockett would leave a nasty comment about me when he was sitting on a plane from LA next to me. That kind of stuff doesn't hurt my feelings anymore. My point is, Jeff is actually a nice guy who, like many people get the wrong idea about where we are coming from. I don't want to keep this going because I'd like to see the comments sections be full of feedback about the mixes and links to mixes of your own so I can link to them. Jeff is even tentatively set to make us a mix for the blog of older hip-hop. I'm excited to hear it. So, basically Jeff Weiss = not a dick.

A quick word, though. The main misunderstanding I think people have about me that might affect their opinion of the band (i could care less what they think of me personally) is that I am attention-hungry or am trying to create this "media persona." The fact is I am a mildly social retarded guy and I regret sometimes being quite so honest publicly about private stuff. I just always feel like its important to get things off my chest at the time. A few times in the past I have been down / depressed and done stupid things on stage or said stupid things in interviews. I don't want to shock anyone. I don't want to be a Pitchfork darling. I don't want to be some famous indie hipster. I just like having fun, and when I don't feel good I get depressed and talk too much or do stupid things I regret.

I don't plan on wearing dresses or smearing fake blood everywhere anymore. It was meant to be a kind of existential absurd humor. I never knew if indie rock hipsters where embracing me or terrified of me so I just made a big joke out of it. Now that I (and I know this is getting a little personal) stopped taking certain medications, I feel kind of bored and ashamed by that whole persona. I REALLY just want to make good music that makes me and other people who listen to it feel good. I've been too self-absorbed with my own ideas about failure and my own unrequited obsessions and stuff to realize that I'm really lucky to be able to make an EP of remixes or sound collages or whatever in my room on my computer while my friends are out drinking or whatever and post them on this blog and have people hear them, like, immediately. I think that's pretty amazing, and I'm grateful all you guys come here and look.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Micro Mix V mixed by lotus plaza

1. chrome- return to zanzibar
2. stereolab- crest
3. the clean- sad eyed lady
4. disco inferno- over and over
5. leonard cohen- chelsea hotel pt. 2
6. everly brothers- all i have to do is dream
7. duretti column- red shoes
8. the urinals- black hole
9. frank sumatra and the mob- the story so far
10. amy winehouse- back to black
11. van morrison- sweet thing


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fuck Yeah Fest this Weekend


1. the honeys - he's a doll
2. beat happening - our secret
3. jorge ben - o bidu silenco
4. blue orchids - bad education
5. breeders - hag (live in chicago 1993)
6. nirvana - radio friendly unit shifter (albini mix)
7. nico w/ john cale & lou reed - i'll be your mirror (live)
8. human hands - i got mad
9. shona mbira music from nonesuch explorer compilation
10. wipers - taking too long
11. anthony moore - abcd gol'fish


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Micromix III by Atlas Sound

This one is a little more on the ambient / sleepy side:

1. arthur russell - arm around you
2. white rainbow - middle
3. zoomers - party (1982)
4. robert wyatt - born again cretin
5. swell maps - c.r.s.
6. raymond scott - sleepy time
7. smoke - chad
8. throbbing gristle - distant dreams pt. 2
9. storm & stress - forever like antioxidants (live at the eyedrum, atlanta - recorded by henry owings)



1. This is probably my favorite song by Mr. Russell.

2. My love for Adam, and his new project, White Rainbow (Myspace), will become more obvious in the coming months. I will explain later. everyone should check out his new album PRISM OF ETERNAL NOW coming out october 1st on Kranky.

3. i found out about zoomers from our buddy casey who runs a record store in brooklyn called eat records. From Hyped to Death: "Zoomers - Exist CD (Homework #204) Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1979-1981. Stunning warped pop. Way too smart to be "outsider music," but probably too drug-addled to be anything else. Along with their phenomenally-rare 45 (which leads off Homework #103 [formerly #5]), the three of them made up a 12-song cassette as well called "Exist" Here's both (with lots more to come). This is how Zoomer's account begins: "The last thing I remember about The Zoomers was driving down the levee road on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, tripping my ass off on LSD in my Dad's Lincoln Continental drinking Papst Blue Ribbon beer by the 12 pack and throwing Zoomer 45s at whatever we could hit and that wasn't much, except for that rather large dog that later turned out to be a cow (it's amazing how much everything looks the same at 100 mph). But like my Mom always said it's the thought that counts, anyway at the end of a 3 day acid bender, thinking was the last thing on my mind." Find out more here.

4. this is from robert wyatt's leftist concept album "nothing can stop us" also from 1982.

5. when we had the chance to play with nikki sudden he told me all these stories about the experiments he and epic soundtracks used to do with tape machines and ambient stuff with swell maps. this has always been my favorite swell maps soundscape. he told me that epic made this using a car horn he had fucked with. This song is available on the rarieties compilation "a train out of it."

6. read about raymond scott here. this is from his 'soothing sounds for baby' series. all of which is amazing.

7. this smoke song has the saddest and best lyrics i've heard in my life, I'm transcribing them myself so there might be errors:

"Chad" by Benjamin Smoke

break down soon and ask him what did he mean by that
pour salt into the cut place a stool in the corner where i sat
if and when he gets back he always knows exactly just what to say
and i refuse to see through the crack, baby, crack
no, i tell him every-thing's o.k....
he sells his body in lieu of better wages
make no mistake that's no monkey on my back
its a girly magazine oh no hands to turn the pages
and he said get off my ass and finished smoking up my sac
oh his innocent yet smart-ass smirk and "i know you want it" eyes
its been a while since anyone has gotten this kind of rise
out me, mr. mellow, i usually just lies up in my room counting sheep and chasing flies
you said it wasn't if i win or lose, only if i tries
there's no fear but no rush on my leisurely demise
and sweet bird of youth he can tell that i fell for him hard
like so many did before
and he knows that i'd give him anything i could
"love for sale" how do you like it? baby more more
and if and when he gets back
he always knows exactly just what to say
and i refuse to see through the crack, baby, crack
no, i tell him every-thing's o.k....
he's here for sale, but its okay..

BTW: oliver, thanks for doing all the deerhunter / atlas sound wikipedias, they are rad. you should try to do a benjamin smoke wikipedia. i will try and help you track down stuff for it. i can't believe a better one doesn't exist...

8. in the van once on tour we were listening to music and i was trying to decide what the saddest songs of all time where. i came up with this one and "i'll be your mirror" as performed alone by nico from a live bootleg i have.

9. storm & stress' 'under thunder and fluorescent lights' is one of my favorite albums of all time. Ian Williams fronted it, with Eric Ehm on bass and Kevin Shea on drums. Ian was once in Don Cab who i'm not that into. Now he plays in Battles. Whenever we play with battles I always harrass Ian and try and get him to teach me all the guitar parts from the Storm & Stress records. So far he has always been too drunk to remember them. This bootleg was recorded at the eyedrum in atlanta by henry owings and features one of the most gorgeous codas i've ever heard.

More Music from the Notown Archive


1. Adorno (Notown Version)
2. Tree Spies


1. Carnival Ghost
2. Alphabet Song (Haircut Breakdown)
3. Ba Ba Ba Beach
4. Hot Boys on Dope

Our first release, (not counting cd-rs) from 2003. Split 7" with the Alphabets.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deerhunter/Alphabets Split

EP by Deerhunter/Alphabets
Released 2005 (ed. note: it took us two years to get our shit together)
Recorded by Bradford Cox at Notown Studio, 2003
Genre Indie rock (no way. punk rock)
Label Die Slaughterhaus Records

Alphabets Side
Deerhunter/Alphabets Split 7" was released in 2005 and only 300 vinyls were pressed, all copies are sold out. It featured now deceased Deerhunter bassist Justin Bosworth.


Bradford Cox - vocals / mark e. smith impression / guitar
Moses Archuleta - drums
Justin Bosworth - bass
Colin Mee - guitar


Kristen K. - drums
Jane M. - keyboard
Julie E. - guitar

and some other things:

Black Lips - Juvenile (live from a seafood place in va beach, see photo from last post)
Atlas Sound - Line Drawing (Home Recording from 1998, unbearable vocals)
Atlas Sound - Live @ Eyedrum October 23, 2005 (excerpt) - Taped off WREK 91.1 ATL

Old King Cole Younger (Cole Alexander from Black Lips) - Full Moon - from the split 10" Cole and I put out on Rob's House Records.

More Scans from the Notown Archives

Cole from the Black Lips. This is from a series of photos I took for their second album on Bomp.

Cole performing at the Echo Lounge when that place was still around.

Cole faking a heroin problem.

Cole with Ted (owner of Full Moon Records) backstage at the Echo Lounge.

Jane and Julie of the Alphabets

Another photo from the Black Lips second album session. Features their ex-guitarist and all around respectable man's man: Jack Hines.

Alix Brown, Die Slaughterprincess. She was in the Lids and the Wet Dreams. Then she moved to Memphis and started a band called Angry Angles with her then boyfriend, Jay Reatard... the kazoo in between her dirty pillows is from when Kristin and I tried to orchestrate like 50 kids to play Eno's "Here Come the Warm Jets" on kazoos at a dance party at MJQ.

Jared and Joe when the Black Lips played a seafood joint in VA Beach. They were paid in shrimp.

Yet another photo from that same Black Lips photo shoot.

The Wet Dreams @ the Majestic.

Alphabets / Black Lips houseparty at the Alphabet House circa 2002

Pictured in this photo are Moses with long hair before I actually new him, and Derek who would go on to start Tilly and the Wall.

Jane M. Substantially cooler than Chloe.

Julie Ellidge. She was also in the Wet Dreams. She is now married to Jack Hines who played guitar in the Black Lips for a while after Ben died.

Kristin playing drums (?)

Cole tuning his guitar for no reason since everything was a huge wall of noise.

Jared being a man.

Kristin, who had to clean up the next day.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Things...

1. Just so everyone knows, Foxglove = Joshua Fauver. I applaud his first post here.
The video is also very cool.

2. Just so everyone knows. I am allergic to black cats. Only black ones. They have a specific dander that makes my eyes bleed. This is actually true.


oh yeah and on a retarded oportunist note.. I cleaned out my room and closet and am trying to ditch a bunch of stuff so check out ebay my username is bradfordcox. i feel so dirty.

bull sharks

my friend owain thomas from nottingham made this video for hazel street...i don't give a fuck what the lyrics are about, the song is-after all-about missing black cats. good ear, owain!


Some Random Photos and a new Microvibe Mixtape

Here are some photos from my sixteenth Summer to accompany the new mix. I found them in an old photo album when I was cleaning out my closet.


1. the index - rainy starte
2. raincoats - shouting out loud
3. elf power - grand intrusion call
4. gong - love is how you make it
5. bongwater - julia
6. broadcast - microtronics 16
7. disco inferno - it's a kid's world
8. martin rev - baby oh baby
9. stereolab - abc (godz cover)
10. suburban lawns - janitor
11. telepathe - i can't stand it (from rare book room comp)
12. dirty projectors - police story
13. washington phillips - lift him up that's all
14. the b-52's - 52 girls (live on WUOG 1978, courtesy of Henry Owings)


Thursday, August 16, 2007

mythological creature

justin bosworth was the first, i think, bass player in deerhunter. maybe moses was the first, or maybe paul harper. its hard to remember those days, lots was going on, new bands and crappy boyfriends and drugs and magical art damaged houses where we would have freak outs and do fucked crafts till, like 9 in the morning. moses was always sick on the couch. bradford always wanted me to put make up on him.

i worked at this titty bar in atlanta, called the cleremont lounge. its really notorious for having half-dead/amputee/mother/daughter/grandma strippers. its got a total twin peaks vibe,bad smells, the dudes toilet is a trough, the wallpaper is gold and red velvet flocking and there are pictures of asians posing on lamborginis and pastel drawings of naked smokey eyed babes that a mysterious artist tries to sell for 6k a pop. it was a fucking killer job. i drove the dudes that went there nuts caus i always kept my clothes on, and i got the bitchin job of being the daytime manager. it ruled.

justin and matt proctor would come into the cleremont in the day time, and since it was never to busy then, and caus i knew matt proctor from some scandelous late night hand holding sessions, we would seriously bro down, and be totally shit faced by, um 6 pm. so my first time with justin was me and him and matt getting wasted and watching strippers. to a soundtrack of, 'im coming up so you better get this party started'.

justin was really into drag city, and he was really into smog in particular. he would carry this polaroid camera with him everywhere and take these totally amazing photos. i dont know if he was sweet talkin the camera or what but never before and never since have i ever seen such awesome polaroids. he would also collect mini stuffed animals, like the kind you get from a gas station claw machine and then cut them open, turn them inside out, sew them back up then dip them in glitter varnish them and sometimes melt an army man on top. they always reminded me of like an eightyear old boys fantasy birthday party, but like, actualize the daydream of said birthday party and turn it into this hybrid glitter/penguin/melting/neon sculpture. he had all of these amazing vintage tshirts, but they were all yellow. there was a jeep one that i have now, and i keep it in his pillowcase, in my bedroom. it still smells like him, but it always makes me cry when i see it so i just let it be and it makes me glad to know its there.

justin started playing with deerhunter right before i moved to nyc with my best friend jane and good friend john bowman. deerhunter played what was i think there first nyc show in my basement on meserole street in bushwick. maybe they played somewhere first, i dont remember. i do remember that it was the first time that my friends who were so much more awesome by ten million than any of the crappy people i met in nyc (i still stand by this btw) from atl had come to visit and it was this huge relief to see real friends. we went to central park, and i stole banana pudding and icebox pie from magnolia for everyone. it was autum, but perfect golden hoodie but no coat perma-sunset autum. it was really romantic. the picture above is me and justin then. jane was there, so was bradford...ethan morris and colin and maybe moses. who else? anyway it ruled.
justin and colin and ethan all stayed with me. it was a really perfect time. when justin died, i had an unread email from him from 2 days before he got smashed by a car. it said "not much goin on on my end. quite, lonely. i wanna come back to see you soon, it was such a good time. no times like that since" of course reading that shit after he died killed me.

justin started doing drugs, just like um, 6-7 other people in atlanta. luckily i was away for most of it and by no means was i a saint in that department but it was really crappy finding out that everyone was shootin dope or speedballs. by no means though did justin die from drugs, and by no means should he ever be remembered as some junkie. he got canned from deerhunter, then rejoined then quit then rejoined then got canned again. he stopped talkin to a lot of people in atl, kept to himself. i always talked to him though, at least once a week, and i knew he was dealing with his shit, trying to figure out what the fuck he was doing to himself, why and how to fix it. during this time he made an INSANE amount of solo music, on a four track with toy electronics and thrift store guitars and harmoniums and bells. he called the stuff peergynt, and i have about 15 of the cassettes but none of it is mixed, and the original four track is gone, so its hard to piece the music all together. justin moved to this house on woodward avenue with this guy that worked at eats, archie. when justins phone got turned off, he would call me from archies phone, or visa versa. justin dissappeared on the 25th of march, and archie called the hospital on the 26th. then he called me cause he didnt know who else to call. apparently he was hit by a car on his skateboard on the corner of hill and chatahoochee in grant park. then he was a vegetable in a coma. i quit my job, spent my rent money on a plane ticket and flew to atlanta. i got there at noon on the 29th of march 2004, his parents pulled the plug at about 10 am. so i missed him.

i think its important, for all of the deerhunter super fans to know about how awesome he was. one day ill upload a bunch of the polaroids he took, and i had lofty ambitions to one day make a book of his pictures, and will one day, i promise. (its really f'n expensiveto publish art books) i think he wrote the badass base line to adorno. maybe bradford can elaborate on here about his other deerhunter contributions. maybe his parents will see this and realize that his whole life in atlanta was mostly awesome, cause im afraid they think he just shot drugs and had crappy friends.

this is the mix tape i made for justin, i took it outta his room when i was cleaning out some of his things after he was a big joke that i faked it was made for this guy, rober traxler. robert traxler was my internet boyfriend when i was 17. thats a whole other blog...

i saw justins ghost once, in a basement in kirkwood. his head was shaved and he had a white t shirt on. he touched my back when i was slepping, and i woke up, hen saw him. he looked right in my eyes and then walked out of the room. i started uncontrollably crying and kept saying 'come back'. i swear to god that happened. he never came back though.

i think there is a tree planted for him somewhere, and i think they named a boys and girls club after him in wisconsin, where his family was from. he was totally one of my favorite people ever, and he was a big part in the beginning of this band, deerhunter, that all you kids love.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

amps cover....bragging party

i did this one last night. another song i love and cant really sing but i did it anyway. kim stole brad's pants in this picture.

lockett pundt - bragging party.mp3

Monday, August 13, 2007

Atlas Sound - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (N. Young / Psychic TV Cover)

Stayed up late as usual. Patrik suggested we cover this song by Psychic TV so I went to solarseek to download it, having never heard it before. All I got was results for Neil Young. Then I heard Psychic TV's version on Myspace. I immediately fell in love with the song but got busy. This morning I could not sleep so I thought I'd listen to it again. It actually made me cry. So I got out of bed and recorded it as the sun started coming through my blinds. I read this song was written for Nash after he split with Joni Mitchell. To me, the song captures the solitude you feel when your a kid, and how it can be comforting... then you get older and solitude loses its magic.

Atlas Sound - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (N. Young / Psychic TV cover).mp3

Notes about this song:

A X02220
A7 x02223
D xx0232
Dadd9 xx0230
Dmaj7 xx0222
G 320003
Gadd6 320000
Em 022000
F#m 242222

A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /
A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /

A7 D Dadd9 G A
When you were young and on your own

A7 D Dadd9 G A
How did it feel to be a-lone?

A7 / /

Dmaj7 Gadd6
I was always thinking of games that I was playing

Dmaj7 Gadd6
Trying to make the best of my time

A7 G F#m
But only love can break your heart

Em Gadd6 A
Try to be sure right from the start

A7 G F#m
Yes only love can break your heart

Em Gadd6 A
What if your world should fall a-part?

A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /
A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /

I have a friend I've never seen
He hides his head inside a dream
Someone should call him and see if he can come out
Try to lose the down that he's found
But only love can break your heart
Try to be sure right from the start
Yes only love can break your heart
What if your world should fall apart?

A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /
A7 / / D / Dadd9 G / / A / /

I have a friend I've never seen
He hides his head inside a dream
Yes only love can break your heart
(Repeat to fade)

Two down.. a thousand more to go....

Atlas Sound - Pure UnEvil (Liars Cover)

The covers project is taking longer than expected because we are lazy. Here is a special cover to tide you over. I say it is special because it is possibly my favorite song of all time, and was written by one of my favorite people, Aaron. He wrote it for his wife. I hope I did it justice because this song is very very very very up there. I have so much respect for Liars its scary.

The above photo of Aaron was taken by Lockett when we were all in Europe together.

If you want to know exactly how sweet Aaron is.. check out this email he sent with the alternate guitar tuning...

"Here's the tuning and string gauges from lowest to highest:

D - F- F(same F as the one above...drones) - C - B - B(octave higherthan the previous B)

The D is one note lower than your average E and is the same kind of D that sounds all grunge. The F's should be the same as the 3rd fret on the low D....the C should be the same as the 7th fret on the F's....the next B should make the C on the 1st fret...and the high B should be made on the 12th fret of the 2nd string....hope that helps.


52 32 32 24w 32 16

You don't have to use the exact same...but some of the strings are tuned so low that a thicker strings may help....."

I did not actually use any guitars for this version. its all midi. hope you like.

Atlas Sound - Pure UnEvil (Liars Cover).mp3

Friday, August 10, 2007

cover song......Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou

heres a song i did earlier tonight. even though its not a request, its one of my favorite songs. i cant really sing this song but i did it anyway. it might sound rough. i made it quick and didnt do much mixing.

lockett pundt - blue bayou.mp3

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Covers? Also: a Live Video and an mp3 of Main Covering Wire

i am going to do an ep of covers for you guys tonight this weekend.
in the comments section below make requests. i'll pick as many as i can do at random and put it up tonight.
I can cum again so I need to knock out as many songs as possible for the blog before I start jerking off all the time.

hey guys there are some awesome ones to choose from. I had a lot of unexpected stuff to do tonight and we have a show at the EARL tomorrow, but I'm going to go back to Lockett's dad's house in the suburbs with him for the weekend cause he's housesitting and we should definitley do some of these cover songs there. I'd say everyone look at all the suggestions and come up with some set lists and we'll pick the best ones. also, i'm having a hard time finding some of the songs you guys mentioned... could someone upload psychic tv's love can only break your heart? that one sounded interesting.

LOCKETT'S COVER IS SO AMAZING. he is the best. I love him.

1. psychic tv - only love can break your heart
2. breeders - mad lucas (but both Lockett and I have really really been into the song "Hag" so we might do that one)
3. VU - heroin (i've done this one before a bunch so it should be easy)
4. Liars - Pure Unevil (I called aaron to try and get the lyrics and the alternate guitar tuning so we'll see...)
5. julee cruise - questions in a world of blue
6. chiffons - he's so fine
10. young marble giants - searching for mr. right OR final day (my favorite)
11. Wire - Mannequin OR 'used to' - my favorite (MAIN did an amazing cover of it, Here it is...)
12. Ramones - now i wanna sniff some glue
13. Tally Ho - the Clean
14. neu - negative land (accapella)
15. eno - here come the warm jets ( i wanna do this one with lockett for sure )
16. coil - anal staircase (doable? maybs.)
17. echo and the bunny men - over the wall
18. simon and garfunkly - blessed
19. quickspace - they shoot horse don't they
20. the amps - bragging party
21. madonna - like a prayer
22. ronettes - be my baby
23. beat happening - pajama party in a haunted hive
24. galaxie 500 - strange
25. spiritualized - "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space"
26. otis redding - that's how strong my love is
27. porno for pyros - pets
28. beach boys - don't worry baby

this is going to take all weekend. i'll even make some artwork for you to download!
love you guys.


Here is a live deerhunter video from a recent show at the starlite ballroom:

One more before bed... for reduxrecords

Atlas Sound - Beginning to See the Light (Velvet Underground Cover).mp3

Atlas Sound - So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) - Everly Brothers Cover

For Christopher, and my parents:

Atlas Sound - So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad).mp3

We used to have good times together
But now I feel them slip away
It makes me cry to see love die
So sad to watch good love go bad
Remember how you used to feel, dear
You said nothing could change your mind
It breaks my heart to see us part
So sad to watch good love go bad
Is it any wonder that I feel so blue
When I know for certain that I'm losing you
Remember how you used to feel, dear
You said nothing could change your mind
It breaks my heart to see us part
So sad to watch good love go bad
So sad to watch good love go bad

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

yo yo yo

sorry for no post yesterday. stopped taking all medication and now my face is numb and i bought all this hip-hop clothing...
so this very nice guy in california named raúl made a video for hazel street! here it is:

very nice. i like it a lot. let's applaud his work guys

chad radford's blog
has photos from the burn to shine dvd shoot we did with black lips, mastadon, selmainaires, coathangers, and a bunch of other atl folk. good ol calvin johnson or "c.j." or "cal-jo" as i like to call him even showed up and failed to go bowling with us later.


please help me.
electric shox. in my blood.


puppiespuppiespuppiespupp pupple scra! SCRA!

i don't know wht to do about all these links expiring because of bandwith or width or whatever. anyone have any ideas? i can tell you this much i hate rapidshare because they put all these limits on the downloader like you can only download so much in one hour or something and i was trying to download all these early hungarian electronic music lp's and it fucked me. FUCK THAT ShiT.

I suppose I should put a song up...
here is something me and lockett recorded outdoors after we soundchecked. it was at a college i can't remember where it was a really pretty evening. we just took his jaguar and my laptop and a microphone and played in the courtyard area and it was nice. you can hear the sound of evening college air on it. it was a sunday.

Bradford & Lockett - Quad

bonus feature. ask me any question in the comments section below this post and i will respond in the order they are asked. but the question has to be good and must be able to be answered in five words or less. you have until midnight tomorrow. i call this feature the "wednesday q&a" if possible number your question. like the first person will say 1. why do you think we want to ask you questions? and the second person will type "2. have you finally lost your shit? because this is getting rediculous." and then i will type "here are the answers to the questions: 1. so and so, i just want something to do with all of this useless time. 2. person's name: my kingdom is always decaying.

spread out

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Twilight at Carbon Lake

This is an demo I made for a song from the forthcoming deerhunter LP microcastle. It will probably end up taking quite different form once the other band members work on it with me. i wanted to create a song that had the melodramatic sadness of old everly brothers or righteous brothers songs but have the dissonance and catharsis of early velvet underground. I want the video to be a little boy playing a videogame based on zelda in which he completes the actions described in the song. then his dad busts into the room from off frame and grabs him by the hair and drags him into another room and beats him. this is based on a real story. its not some kind of sick thing i'm joking about. i wanted this song to be about the sadness of childhood. feel free to leave fifty comments flaming me and turning my words around on me.

Twilight at Carbon Lake:

Go to the shore, and pray for the sea
Go to the land and pray for the sea
Don't go down
Go downtown
Go downtown
Go to the waves of grain in the center of the state.
Go away.
Go to a parking lot, sit on the ground and cry.
You'll never know why.
Start over.
Go to the ocean on a ship.
Wave goodbye to the waves and the frozen shit
that was in your heart.
So long
Time slows when it goes away
go away.
Time slows.
So long.

Atlas Sound - Twilight at Carbon Lake.mp3

Sloan has a live bootleg of me performing this song at the EARL last year. It features an impromptu monologue about Russian President Vaidmir Putin. It is available here.

P.S. because so many people seem to have this weird urge to try and destroy any shred of dignity or self-worth i have, lockett has told me he no longer plans to post here. lockett is my best friend and the most important person to me in the world. we arent in a band to compete with each other. if you want my opinion his stuff is much better than mine, i don't disagree with you there. however, by attacking me (without context) whenever he posts something your chances of hearing his amazing music are over. I told him he should keep posting but he seems pretty convinced. Also I want to point out that I never delete anyones comments here, ever. So whoever accused me of that: you are a cumbag.

Happy Birthday to Kristin Klein!!!

The Best Tour Manager / Den Mother in the whole world. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

here is her theme song:

Crime Mob - Stilettos (Pumps).mp3

I wanted to record her a birthday ep, but i was busy being suicidal / depressed and finishing up the Atlas Sound lp, which is now done.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Atlas Sound - The Brian Foote EP

This is my good buddy Brian Foote. He does publicity for Kranky records. He also plays in a really sick band called nudge I talk to him everyday and enjoy his radness constantly. It is his birthday Monday! Tonight we were talking on the phone about how we've been posting all these tracks on here. He was joking about how fast I record songs. I told him I would record him an entire EP tonight from scratch. So these are all new songs that were made up as I recorded them. Except the Valet Remix. You should definitly seek out her album "Blood is Clean" available from non other than Kranky. Its amazing...

Atlas Sound - The Brian Foote EP
(recorded between 12:30am and 5:30am Saturday August 4, 2007)

1. Where I Come Home From

2. Tame All The Lions (Valet remixed by Atlas Sound)

3. How do I look?

4. Child Support

Friday, August 3, 2007

these years

im reposting this song since the other player would only do 30 seconds of it.

Lockett Pundt - these years.mp3

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yet another Atlas Sound tune... "Solar Ropes"

Here is a controversial image for you!


Here is another new song...
You probably think I'm crazy, but I just recorded it tonight. Why am I doing this, your probably wondering? I'll explain it this way. I can't jerk off anymore because I take lexapro and can't cum. I still get bored though. So instead of jerking off I record a song. I guess this means I would have jerked off three times today. Anyway these songs are nothing serious. Just goofing around in Ableton and stuff... Lockett's song today was really good though, I thought. I was like, "why did you give that one away... it's too good."

Solar Ropes

So long to the birds that fed of my flesh
for so long
So long to the christ that said my sin's my own
for so long
So long to the crows that fed off my flesh
for so long.
So long to the flesh that kept me a victim
to time.
So long.

Atlas Sound - Solar Ropes.mp3

here is the song "unrequited" i posted a while ago but only was able to stream 30 seconds of:

Deerhunter - Unrequited.mp3

I had to use fileden for this one because it is 11 megs. I just checked my bandwith with them and its almost used up so if anyone wants to host this mp3 as well as "stoned" and "white tea" that would be rad. Just put a link in the comments section.

Also: for those who didn't already know about it Sloan @ posted a bootleg of the Deerhunter whirlyball show.